The Construction Work-In-Process (WIP) Schedule Template

The WIP schedule can be a powerful tool to reveal inefficiencies in construction operations, to better understand company performance and factors affecting profitability. Strategically-designed WIP schedules include both standard, and various descriptive columns that clearly highlight the significant details of all contracts in process, and better enable meaningful analysis.  Regular WIP analyses can support construction business profitability, and help contactors focus on areas of profitability, including: projects by type, size, or location with consistent profit margins, key members of your team who contribute to profitability, contractors who are consistent and fair, and vendors who deliver value. 

AAFCPAs has provided a sample WIP schedule template available as a download on the right, which includes some standard, predefined columns that will be helpful for many contractors to utilize in measuring and analyzing their WIP results.  However, we strongly advise against a “boiler plate” WIP schedule.  Based on your specific needs, the WIP should be tailored for the best and most meaningful results.