Fiduciary Responsibility for Plan Sponsors

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Today’s trustees and benefit plan sponsors face personal liability, complex laws and regulations, lack of fee transparency, conflicts of interest, and increased scrutiny by investors and regulators. AAFCPAs managing director Davide Villani provides insight into key risk management considerations for Nonprofits, including an overview of common benefit plan deficiencies putting employers at risk. 

This podcast will answer:

  1. Who are your plan fiduciaries?
  2. What requirements do fiduciaries have under ERISA?
  3. Can fiduciary liability be shifted to others?

This audio session was recorded live at AAFCPAs’ May 3rd, 2017 Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. Attendees also received this proactive Fiduciary Responsibility Checklist.  Slides may be downloaded by clicking here. >>

Watch this video clip (1 min 32 sec) for a summary; and then download the full audio of the session recorded May 3th, 2017 at AAFCPAs’ Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar.  

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