The Sophisticated CFOs Guide to Choosing Key Performance Indicators That Matter & Dashboarding 

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A critical component of nonprofit effectiveness is the organization’s ability to identify and track meaningful “leading indicators” that serve as mile markers to tell you if you are headed in the right direction—a course charted by your strategic plan. AAFCPAs provides guidance for nonprofits on the leading, predictive metrics that may have a significant impact on an organization’s operational and financial results.

This podcast goes beyond the classic financial KPIs, and:

  • Makes correlations between non-financial and financial metrics.
  • Provides insights for bringing clarity to your data, and recommendations for making more meaning out of the information in our systems through dashboarding.
  • Features a case study from one of the largest human & social services agencies in the region, and how they implemented small incremental changes in key areas and realized a profound effect on how they could impact their constituents and the bottom line.

Listeners are challenged to identify a manageable set of KPIs that support planning & decision making, and will learn best practices for presenting these metrics in a user-friendly visual format that clearly reflects progress toward intended outcomes.

This audio session was recorded live at AAFCPAs’ May 3rd, 2017 Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. Slides may be downloaded by clicking here. >>

Watch this video clip (2 min 25 sec) for a summary; and then download the full audio of the session recorded May 3th, 2017 at AAFCPAs’ Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar.  

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