AAFCPAs 2018 Regulatory Update: Accounting Standards

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AAFCPAs Nonprofit Assurance Practice leader Matt Hutt, CPA, CGMA, Partner and Amanda Pelcher, CPA,  provide attendees with specific implementation guidance for new major standards, including:

  • The Nonprofit Financial Statement Framework,
  • Revenue Recognition, and
  • Lease Accounting.

Matt and Amanda provide operational insights and best practice recommendations on these complex technical accounting areas, allowing clients to confidently apply the standards with greater efficiency and ease.

This audio session was recorded live at AAFCPAs’ April 26th, 2018 Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. Slides may be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Slides may be downloaded by clicking here. >>

Watch this video clip (1 min 43 sec) for a summary; and then download the full audio of the session recorded April 26th, 2018 at AAFCPAs’ Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. 

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