CFO Survey Report: Behind Every Thriving Organization is a High-Functioning CFO

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AAFCPAs, in collaboration with The Boston Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI-Boston), conducted a survey of over 250 Chief Financial Officers in an effort to capture what issues are currently ‘top of mind’ for senior financial executives in the Northeast region of the United States. We asked CFOs to provide their thoughts, opinions, and experiences in an effort to glean insight into how the role may be evolving, and why.  The role of the CFO continues to become increasingly complex and strategic, and as the role evolves, so do the expectations of executive leadership.

In this podcast, AAFCPAs' Matthew Boyle, Partner reveals the key findings from the 2017 survey, and shares insights about what the future looks like.

This audio session was recorded live at AAFCPAs’ April 26th, 2018 Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. Slides may be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Slides may be downloaded by clicking here. >>

Watch this video clip (1 min) for a summary; and then download the full audio of the session recorded April 26th, 2018 at AAFCPAs’ Annual Nonprofit Educational Seminar. 

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